The importance of leadership training

Crew-Glue's latest newsThe importance of leadership training

A company of over 40 or 50 people on land would most certainly have an established HR manager or even full department to manage the needs of its employees. However, on yachts, there is often no professional trained in HR practices to look after its crew. In a recent survey carried out by the International Seafarers’ Welfare and Assistant Network (ISWAN), 62 per cent of respondents said they had experienced problems with on-board leadership ‘sometimes’, ‘often’ or ‘always’; when split by gender, this equated to 77 per cent of women and 55 per cent of men.

From the crew that I have spoken to, they all agree that the captain is the person who sets the entire tone of the boat. Some of the comments from those interviewed in the survey include comments such as “If you have a good captain, it’s everything.”

Sara Ballinger, the managing partner of Crew Glue, is an expert in development who agrees that this is vital for various reasons.

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