Preparing your crew team for the season

Crew-Glue's latest newsPreparing your crew team for the season

Training, qualifications and experience – these are the things we look for when hiring great crew, but what about their ability to work as a team? When do you see the evidence for that?

And where do crew learn how to work well together, to manage conflict or deal with difficult situations? This is always seen as a ‘nice to have’ when in fact it’s crucial to the whole operation.

You might argue that you learn this from experience, especially if you have a great role model or mentor, but many crew are not that lucky.

We are all unique but there are patterns in the way we perceive the world, how we communicate with each other and the actions we take. Who you are and what you believe is entirely your business but, how you behave, especially when you live and work with your colleagues, affects everyone around you.

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