How team talk shapes onboard culture

Crew-Glue's latest newsHow team talk shapes onboard culture

Have you ever found yourself in conversation with someone you have known for a while only to discover that you have things in common that you didn’t realise? Or that you share similar interests, histories or friends?

When that happens the shape of the relationship changes and you will find yourself more positively inclined towards that person, you may trust them more and feel that you can be ‘yourself’ with them.

We can’t expect that always to happen without any prompting… not all of us are naturally inclined to share information about ourselves, perhaps we feel it’s no one’s business or that they wouldn’t really be interested.

That said, it is human nature to seek people that are like us. We want to find our tribe and to feel part of something. That can’t happen if we aren’t talking to each other about more than just the list of jobs for the day and the operational aspects of our roles, even more relevant when, as in the world of superyacht crew, you live and work together in such an intimate environment.

How is all this fluffy ‘getting to know you’ stuff relevant or helpful in running a tight ship and delivering results?

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