Managing the war of words onboard

Crew-Glue's latest newsManaging the war of words onboard

Have you heard the term ‘the elephant in the room’?

At Crew Glue we’ve worked with a number of teams with issues from their past which still hang in the air like a toxic smog, never to be spoken about or dealt with. Then there are the conversations that no one wants to have, and the obvious truths that are being avoided when things just don’t seem to be working on board. This is your elephant in the room.

Working as a close-knit team on board, we often avoid the unsettling emotions that come with addressing issues head on, either because we dislike conflict, we’re fearful of the repercussions of speaking up, or we feel it’s not our responsibility to deal with it. However all hope is not lost.

When the relationship between crew members on board is good, humour and honesty are great tools for addressing difficult issues. It’s always a good idea to be honest, to apologise when necessary and to do whatever you need to get back on stable ground. It’s when we don’t have that rapport and ability to talk easily about the issues that they tend to grow into ugly situations.

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