Choose your mood- positive thinking versus negative spiral

Crew-Glue's latest newsChoose your mood- positive thinking versus negative spiral

Emotional wellbeing is a hot topic in today’s society, and more and more cases of depression and anxiety are being openly discussed. No longer a taboo, we can now express ourselves more candidly if we choose to. However another opportunity of our self-awareness is the choice to be our own coach and counsellor; to help ourselves through those times when our thoughts clamour and our emotions and logic start battling one another.

Let’s be realistic: there are chemical and hormonal imbalances outside our control that are among the very good reasons why we might be feeling down, anxious or just a bit grumpy, and they should never be diminished. Acknowledge them and ask yourself what you can do to help yourself and what you need from others.

The best way to help yourself is to give yourself a chance and be your own best friend. Choose to think positively and don’t let that negative spiral suck you in. If you need support from others, talk to the people you trust. If that isn’t an option, get in touch with one of the many people and organisations available to support you, you are not alone and seeking help is your choice.

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