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Written by: Sara Ballinger

At the beginning of the year, I wrote an article about 2020 and the great expectations I had for it as well as how we were going to concentrate on our vision for our businesses, ourselves, plans full of travel and human connection.

When I think about all that optimism from the beginning of the year and reflect on what we have actually done, achieved and learnt as a result of everything being turned on its head. Still being in the midst of this pandemic 10 months later, I am amazed at how adaptive we all are as human beings.

It’s what we do, we evolve as a species as a result of external factors and this last year has been an example of that evolution that we have lived through…and will never forget.

Learning to Adapt

For Crew-Glue, this year has meant harnessing our creativity and planning ahead towards a time when we can be with you all in person again.

The team at Crew-Glue have continued to support our community and our learners through online platforms for group sessions and one to one coaching. We have written articles with helpful tips and strategies for life and for work, and we have partnered with Luxury Hospitality Management as an exclusive provider for team building events.

The conversation about our collaboration began last year at the Monaco Yacht Show and we began to formalise the partnership in February of this year, then the pandemic hit. For the first month or two we hit the pause button whilst we all figured out whether this was going to be a long-term problem and whether we should abandon our plans. Quickly though, we realised that this was the perfect time to start building our partnership because crew were going to need support more than ever as a result of this global crisis.

We announced our partnership at the end of November 2020 and are offering online and virtual sessions whilst we can’t travel to the boats – we’re looking forward to being back on board as soon as we can though!

This year has certainly been a steep learning curve – we have learnt how to use technology to replicate the interaction and engagement of live events as closely as possible and have realised that freedom to travel and human connection are gifts not to be taken for granted.

Redefining Success

Despite everything, we have had a really successful year, our definition of success has just been different to the original plan.

With that in mind what I have realised is the only thing that is certain in life, is uncertainty. That means that the only thing within your control, is you. Nothing else. 

Your mindset, your behaviour and the way you treat others is within your power to choose. As a speaker I have been invited to a number of webinars where the conversation has centred on the skills and training we are going to need in 2021 and beyond. There has been unanimous agreement that the people who will thrive in the new world order are those who have developed a growth mindset and their emotional intelligence, or EQ. Not just what you do but how you do it, being human and working together. 

Add to that the subject of resilience, or ‘grit’ and you get the themes for our focus for the future. There have been so many remarkable examples of people showing grit, determination and resilience throughout this year. I think we should give ourselves more credit for just how adaptable we are and how much we can learn from change and being pushed outside our comfort zones.

That being said, for some it is not that easy and fortunately we live in a world now which is much more aware of the struggles we can all experience with mental health and emotional wellbeing.  

This means that we should feel more able to share how we are feeling with others without fear of reprisal or judgement but, we know that, sadly, that is not always the case. For those who are feeling overwhelmed, alone or anxious there are a number of lifelines to reach out to for help.

This year has really shined the light on the necessity for human connection, kindness and support. That has been a very positive outcome from an otherwise dreadful situation.

Looking to the future

Let’s look forward to 2021 as the year of healing and growing.

We expect to see the world starting to open up again in the spring and to be travelling again by April, all being well. It’s widely expected that we will continue to be working with a mix of virtual and live events as there is always going to be a place for the flexibility that virtual support can offer.

We look forward to meeting you, v-meeting you and reconnecting with you all as the coming months unfold, and in the meantime wish for you all a happy, healthy new year.


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