The importance of resilience in the whole team and not just the individual

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Written by: Sara Ballinger
What is resilience?

Resilience is what gives us the psychological strength to cope with stress and hardship. It’s important for many reasons; it helps us to maintain balance in our everyday lives especially during particularly difficult or stressful periods. It enables a positive approach to work and outlook on life, which in turn enables better problem-solving and helps to maintain motivation.

Just like individuals, teams need to be resilient too. They need to be able to handle pressure, overcome challenges, recover in testing times and bounce back from adversity together.

Why is resilience important in a team?

If you’re only focusing on just developing individual resilience and not developing your whole team’s resilience you’re missing a trick.

Team resilience refers to the whole team’s ability to absorb, cope with and recover from pressures, challenges and adversity. 

Even if a team is made up of highly resilient individuals they can still have breakdowns in communication, an inability to manage conflict effectively, lack insight into how everyone works together best in tough conditions, fail to hold one another accountable or support each other when in need. 

For teams to keep performing well especially during the current situation and in such a unique working environment as onboard a yacht, they need to develop their team resilience.

So how do you build a team’s resilience?

Here are our top 3 ways that to help build team resilience – 

1. Identify your sense of purpose
This was one of the six core elements we identified in our piece for The Islander on bolstering our own resilience but is also one of the first and most important things to look at with team resilience.

A team’s purpose, especially onboard a busy yacht can be constantly changing particularly during guest visits, but essentially teams need to know why they’re doing what they’re doing. 

Having a clear and meaningful purpose drives and guides the way team members think, act and communicate. When a team is clear on its purpose, they make better decisions under pressure.

Think about your crew: are they clear on what their purpose is? Do you have a purpose that everyone agrees on and are all motivated by? If not, work with your crew to identify and create a purpose that means something to them and to everyone.

This clarity will inspire everyone to push on in darker moments and help them deal better with any setbacks that arise.

 Knowing yourself and each other
At the foundation of everything we do in our sessions is facilitating everyone to better understand themselves and each other on a deeper level – how each member of the team operates, communicates and is motivated. 

By knowing who you are and what your strengths and talents are as well as your teams, will help you to motivate each other to face any trying situations.

Think about your crew: do you have new members? Do all departments know who each is even if they don’t directly work together? By spending the time getting to know each other  and what makes you all tick will help you recognise the signs when a teammate is stretched and needs support.

3. Supporting each other
Resiliency affects our ability to ‘bounce back’ and sometimes we need support to do so. Showing your teammates you care about them by supporting them when under pressure will boost not only their morale but the whole team in turn making the team more efficient.Teams who care more about the well-being of others than themselves help improve team performance. 

Think about your crew: Do you support each other? If not can you role model the actions you want to see. Offer support to members of the crew when you can see they are stretched or go out of your way to acknowledge other members of the team when you see them doing the same.

How can we help?

We firmly believe that we are #StrongerTogether and by building a strong crew from the start, you’ll perform at your best throughout the whole season. 

All being well, we expect to see the world starting to open up again in the spring and to be travelling again soon. It’s widely expected that we will continue to be working with a mix of virtual and live events as there is always going to be a place for the flexibility that virtual support can offer. 

If building a resilient team is something you or your crew would like support with, please get in touch and see how we can help you.

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