Five ways to wellbeing that will help you and your crew’s mindset during the yachting season

Crew-Glue's blogFive ways to wellbeing that will help you and your crew’s mindset during the yachting season

Written by: Sara Ballinger

Working on board a luxury yacht is one of the most exhilarating experiences of a lifetime but also one of the most demanding. 

A busy yacht season can take its toll on our physical and emotional health – it’s important to be prepared, this year more than ever with still some unknowns up ahead.

There’s alot to consider when getting ready for the season and there’s some amazing blogs out there with lots of great practical advice of what to pack, prepare and expect on your season. 

Everything we do here at Crew-Glue is based around building a strong team, well-being and of the course the crew!

To help improve you and your crews mindset during the yachting season, we recently launched our ‘#TodayIAm taking care of myself by’ series where we’ve been looking at Mind Charity’s ‘Five Ways to Wellbeing’ initiative. Through this series we’re highlighting how by doing something small everyday, we can help look after our mental health whilst onboard.

Along with the help of some wonderful people – Amelia, Ben, Leonie, Sam and our very own Sara, we looked at how by staying connected, keeping active, giving, taking notice and always being open to learning can help you and your crew.


Here are their top tips on the Five Ways to wellbeing:

1. Stay connected

A busy charter season can take its toll and it’s sometimes hard to stay in touch when onboard with long and unsociable hours shifts.  

The guilt can build up that you’re not doing ‘enough’ to stay connected to the people at home. Interior Manager and Crew-Glue trainer Amelia Butler suggests something as simple as a quick voice note to someone before your shift starts to let them know what your days are going to be like can make all the difference to our mindset.

 Keep active

It’s no secret that life onboard is physically demanding whether you’re interior or deck crew. Keeping fit and strong is integral to being able to cope with the physical demands of yachting, but keeping active is as important for the mind as it is for the body.

Engineer and fitness expert Ben Poole shared with us his 3 simple tips on how Keeping Active can help our mindset during the yachting season:

  1. Simply get moving – Just something small such as a 5 minute stretch pre shift will help you for the rest of the day. 
  2. Eating well –  This helps to support you keeping active and is proven to be good for your mental health too. 
  3. Do it as a team – Enlist a crew member and work out together – even better get the whole team involved. It’s fun and you’ll also be accountable to actually do it if you set a time and a place for everyone.

3. Giving

Research has shown that acts of giving and kindness – small and large – are all associated with a positive mindset.

Leonie Hurrell from the Thinking Academy explains how something as simple as taking the time to listen to your crew, thanking them for what they’ve done for you or even making them a cup of tea can all help improve our mindset during the yachting season. 

It’s all proven to increase our levels of happiness and social connection, which in turn deepens levels of trust within a team.

4. Take notice

Taking notice is proven to strengthen and broaden our self awareness – something that’s hugely important when you’re working and living in a small space. 

Captain Sam Jeffs, says his best way to take notice when onboard is to stop and use all of our senses. By taking in what’s around you through looking, listening, feeling, smelling and tasting you’ll be more connected to your surroundings and appreciative of where you are. 

Whether that’s the sand between your feet or the wind blowing through your hair, it all helps to reinforce a positive mindset.

5. Keep learning

There’s always something new to learn or to improve in life, it’s true what they say that every day really is a school day.

Keeping learning is so much more than gaining a new qualification or skill. Even something as small as reading a chapter of a new book or by watching a documentary makes us feel as if we’re learning, which in turn makes us feel as if we’re moving forward rather than standing still. This is great for our short and long term mental health.

Final advice

None of us are ‘perfect’. Starting any new job isn’t easy and we often get intimidated that others will have more experience. Chances are those that have been there longer will know more than you so use that to your advantage.

Ask Questions! The best way to combat the lingering ‘Am I doing it right? Am I doing enough?’ mindset that we all ask ourselves is to ask questions. Use those around you to learn.

You can’t do everything perfectly, no-one can. This mindset can make you stressed, which isn’t productive. So let it go. Nobody’s perfect, so don’t ask yourself to do something which is impossible. 

And last but not least…

Appreciate the great moments. The sunsets, the places, the people you’ll meet and of course your crew.

Most importantly have fun. The season will be over in the blink of an eye.


We hope you find these tips useful for your and your crew’s mindset during the yachting season this year!We’ll be continuing with our #TodayIAm series and exploring the ‘Five Ways to Wellbeing’ further so keep an eye on our socials for more top tips from the Crew-Glue crew!

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