Ken Bracewell

“I see a great benefit in working with crew to facilitate clear communication techniques, based on different personalities and backgrounds. Crew-Glue is a much needed resource in the Yachting Industry.”

Captain MY Berilda

James Puckle

“When signing up for Crew Glue, I was not sure what to expect and was somewhat skeptical of a “team-building” style event. I must say that we were all pleasantly surprised by Sara’s presentation and approach. I think we all have a better understanding of each other and everyone on board feels they learned something new. I would highly recommend Sara to anyone looking to fast track their team building on board. I will now be incorporating what I have learned, into our hiring process for any new crew.

Captain MY Mikado

Jules Thomson

”I would like to thank you so much for the fun, inspiring presentation on “Why are they like that ??”

Most of our crew came with an open mind and intrigue … It was such an interesting course on understanding yourself and others’ personalities and behaviours … A huge benefit to all the crew and crew relations on board … Thank you thank you.

I would recommend all crew and boats to attend this course!!!!”

Interior Manager/ ChiefStewardess / M/Y Limitless

Nicola Morgan

“We recently had Sara in the office to do some team training, which was unlike anything any of us had experienced before. It was engaging, thought provoking and just great fun. I wish she had been in the yachting industry when I was on board yachts, it could have helped a great deal with some of the inevitable crew issues, and could have explained a few things! I would highly recommend her to anyone within a team environment – even to those already working well together (as ours do!), as there is still a great deal that can be taken from it.”

Director & Recruitment Manager / Wilson Halligan Yacht Recruitment